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Why have a ProtoMat in-house?

  • Quick turnaround: With an in-house milling or laser system from LPKF, you can create prototype PCBs in minutes or hours. Having the ability to rapidly test and revise designs reduces R&D time, thus shortening overall time to market.
  • No chemicals: LPKF PCB prototyping systems work straight from CAD data, milling or ablating unwanted surface material from board substrates. Create complex PCB prototypes without ever having to worry about disposing corrosive chemical compounds.
  • Versatility: Create boards up to 8 layers on anything from FR4 to Rogers to fired ceramics, knowing your design will be cut with superior accuracy every time. And go beyond PCBs - many LPKF users utilize their machine to create antennas, filters, test fixtures, and more.
  • Innovation: Another benefit of creating low-cost PCBs on demand is the way quick turnaround enables design innovation. Enjoy the freedom to try new things, dial in design settings, and take your organization to the next level!
  • Security: For those who place a premium on design security, in-house PCB prototyping ensures total control over the PCB creation process.

In-House PCB Prototyping

PCBs on demand, right in your lab

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